​The Peak Inspirations Exhibit 

The first exhibit of the mountaineering and adventure related artwork by Denali Schmidt - titled PEAK INSPIRATIONS  opened to the public July 27th 2015, in San Francisco, CA.  In January 2016, the exhibit will commence its national tour, opening at the Point Gallery in Denver, Colorado. .

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Denali foundation continues to send out shipments of art supplies to underserved and Indigenous schools.  


February 2016

Peak Inspirations Exhibit will open in Houston, Texas. 

  • Providing art supplies to underserved and Indigenous schools
  • Preserving the name and artwork of Denali Schmidt through exhibits
  • Highlighting the importance of arts in education 
  • Encouraging and sponsoring the melding of adventure and art

Art Supplies

Our Mission

January 2016

Peak Inspirations Exhibit will open 1/8/16 in Denver, CO.

The preservation of the artwork of Denali Schmidt and the ongoing support for the expansion of the minds of young artists.


It’s important to us to be clear about what the Denali Foundation does. We are grateful for your support of these ongoing events. 

February 2016

Denali Foundation's 2nd Annual Gala in Houston, Texas. 02/12